Intraperitoneal Infusion of Alpaca Plasma

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Procedure for veterinary administration of plasma to alpaca cria:

  • Thaw plasma in a water bath. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE!!!

  • Plasma is administered intraperitoneal on the RIGHT upper flank of the cria.

  • 1mg Butorphanol sedation for cria who are standing or fractious to handling.

  • Clip the right upper flank region.

  • Surgical preparation of site.

  • Make a small lidocaine (local) bleb in the skin in the prepped area.

  • Alcohol spray the site.

  • Lay cria on left side – left lateral recumbency.

  • Using a #15 scalpel make a small stab incision through the skin.

  • Use a 16g catheter or sterile teat cannula to penetrate through the abdominal muscles. Tent the body wall up when penetrating the muscles to avoid organs.

  • Connect IV giving set (+/- filter) to the thawed plasma and run through the cannula or catheter.

  • Plasma should be at body temperature (37.5-38 degrees).

  • Can run in 300ml unit in 15-20 minutes or as fast as can go without causing discomfort in the cria.

  • May have to tent skin every so often to allow plasma to flow properly.

  • Single stitch or super glue skin incision when finished.

  • Cover cria with 5 days penicillin (tricarcillin is best if you can obtain it). Incorporate gentamicin into antibiotic coverage as well if cria is sick.