Alpacas are perhaps the worlds finest Livestock Investment 

In the world of Alpaca Breeding it is the strong return on investment that is the ultimate justification for becoming an Alpaca owner and breeder. Alpacas are in great demand around the world and the demand has never been greater, in part due to the profitability.

Alpacas are a unique animal in that their environmentally friendly habits ensure optimum use of relatively small blocks of land and can provide a stable long-term investment.

Alpacas offer serious investors an opportunity to take part in an exciting new Fleece Industry in New Zealand. In addition, overseas markets are being developed for breeding stock to both Europe, Asia and the United States.

You can enter the industry with a relatively small investment.

You can run Alpacas on as little as 2 Acres of land.

Currently opportunities exist for both investors to become involved in Stud Services or Breeding animals, as the New Zealand Industry strives towards improving the fleece
quality of its animals.

Quality Alpaca Fleece is sought after, it is called "The Fibre of the Gods" and their fleece is in large demand because it is stronger and finer without the "Prickle" of traditional wool and at the same time it can be blended with many other natural fibres to enhance its properties.

The Alpaca industry has shown steady growth since the animals first came to New
Zealand from imported Chilean stock approximately 25 years ago and is set to continue to provide excellent returns for investors.

The industry is managed by the Alpaca Association of New Zealand who, by storing data and registering all alpacas along with their pedigrees using DNA testing, provide adequate safeguards for investors.

Who Invests in Alpacas?

Alpaca breeders come from all walks of life. For some, Alpacas are primarily a source of income, for others it is primarily a source of pleasure. Young couples with children might own three or four alpacas and enjoy caring for them. Retired couples whose children have grown up, sold their business, and retired in the country, are often owners of these magical animals. 

A large number of breeders are working couples who look after their animals after work and on the weekends. All of these Alpaca owners, big and small, enjoy their animals and feel good about owning an investment that they can hug!

A few investors don't actually raise their own animals on a day-to-day basis. They live and work in the city, and are building their herd toward the day that they change careers and go to live in the country or on a Lifestyle Block. Other investors invest solely for the exceptional returns and tax advantages provided by Alpacas, and they do this by agisting their animals with an Alpaca breeder. For all investors , Alpacas offer a great way to 
diversify their portfolio with a commodity that is both rate and in demand world wide.

There are now big farms with 500 Alpacas or more, as well as farms with only three or four 
animals. The average size herd is about 20. Most herds start out small and evolve to the size which fits the breeder's block of land and their financial goals. Almost all breeders are in the business for the long haul; they believe in the future of the Alpaca.

Consider these Aspects...

  • Their appealing looks and pet like qualities.
  • Their curiosity and gentle nature.
  • Their valuable fibre.
  • Their large range of natural fibre colours (22 in all).
  • They are environmentally friendly on the most fragile land.
  • You can run large numbers on a small block of land.
  • The worldwide shortage of animals.
  • No need for expensive fences or buildings to house them in.
  • They are very hardy, disease resistant animals.
  • They breed and handle easily and can be halter trained.
  • Easy birthing, generally during daylight hours on sunny days.
  • They transport easily and are stress resistant.
  • They make beautiful and amazing Pets.
  • You can insure your animals so as to protect your investment.
Alpacas are the Huggable Investment