Most of our Alpacas are Halter Trained once they are weaned.

This is really the fun part of keeping Alpacas.
They respond very quickly to training and soon look forward to going on walks with you.

Some animals can be trained to lead on a halter and lead in as short of period of time as 15 minutes while others may take up to a   couple of hours.

Once trained to lead, Alpacas will soon learn to jump in and out of trailers, vans and even your station wagon. Some owners even   teach their Alpacas to   do   obstacle courses.

Once you have trained your Alpacas to lead they become much more manageable and much easier to give hugs to!


If you purchase animals that are not Halter Trained then this animal will not be as quiet or as easy to handle   as one that is.
It is   the  Halter Training that really gets these animals quiet and people friendly. When Alpacas travel in a vehicle or float, as soon   as the   vehicle starts to   move they will sit down and remain   seated for the whole journey.

A Halter Trained animal is just so much more easily taken from place to place, such as to shows, school fairs, the vet and even to be   shorn.
They are also much more easily handled when it comes to mating.

A stud male Alpaca that is not halter trained very well is a whole lot more work.

Halter Training is fun and every Alpaca should be trained to walk on the lead.
Our experience in this aspect is just one more reason   why you should come and talk with us.



Lyn a real Champion

Debbie receiving another Championship at the National Show with Lyn D