Eric & Debbie Lister, owners of ‘Thief of Hearts’ - termed by the beautiful Alpacas who stole our hearts

Debs with Sand    Stand Up

As breeders of both Huacaya and Suri Alpacas, we feel extremely lucky to be living the dream. We also breed Gypsy Vaneer Horses and more recently have begun breeding the beautiful White Galloway Cattle. Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud is situated just 9km behind the famous Tui Brewery, on the road between Woodville and Pahiatua; 110 Waituna Road, RD2, Pahiatua.

With over 20 years’ experience in the Alpaca industry, this is still a relatively short time considering the length of time Alpacas have now been in New Zealand. We first started looking at Alpacas back in 1996 and had our first animals arrive on our farm in November 1998. 

Like a lot of people we looked and researched for a long time before we decided to buy our very first Alpacas and have continued to build on this knowledge of the animals and the industry. Today, our property is designed specifically for the breeding and raising of Alpacas and Debbies Gypsy Vaneer Horses.

We also own and operate the largest Pet shop in the Manawatu which keeps us both pretty busy. "Wet Pets" started over 30 years ago. The address is 729 Tremaine Avenue, Palmerston North.

As we are in the Pet Industry we know how people will fall in love with these magical creatures called Alpacas once they discover how wonderful they are to handle and work with. 

Our Future with Alpacas

We believe that the future of Alpacas as an investment and as a Fleece producing animal is massive, both here in New Zealand and also on the world markets. People all over the world are looking for natural products and a lifestyle to go along with this. 

Alpacas our going to be our retirement plan. We, along with many others, will be able to breed and sell quality animals, maintain our lifestyle and enjoy life to the fullest and all the while enjoy the peace and joy that these animals bring to us. 

We are really looking forward to the day that we can turn a dream into a reality in that we will be able to work full time with these amazing animals and not have to travel to the Pet Center every day.

We welcome you to contact us or visit us if you would like to make Alpacas part of your future.

Our Other Interests are ..........

White Galoway Cattle

We have always wanted to breed White Galloway Cattle and now that we have 100 acres, we have started our new venture with some yearling heifers.

These girls are all registered and like the Alpacas, all have names. 

We also bought a wee Bull called "Edward" and he will get to visit the girls next year when they are older.


"The First Galoway Girls"                                                                                                     "Edward"


Debbie Anne's ............. Gypsy Vaneer Horses

The Gypsy Vaneer Horses have the most beautiful nature of all horses. They are a true delight to be around and to handle.
Debs is loking forward to her first purebred Gypsy foal this October out of her imported Mare Senhorita.
We are both hoping for a Colt.

Debs will also be having 3 foals sired by her stallion "D J" born this summer to Emily Rose, Cider and Pip .......... She is very excited.

"D J - Deb's Stallion" ..........

"Ceinder" .............

"Senhorita and Ceinder" ........... Mother and Daughter ....

"Daisy just 12 months old" ............

And Debbie's Donkeys

Debbie just loves her donkeys, we have 2 Jennie's and one Jack.
We have had one foal so far and another one is about to pop out.
Donkeys are a very different animal to handle and they really are quite funny.

"We named them after Star Wars ............ Rae, Leia and Skywalker"