When you purchase an animal from us we will pass on as much information as we possibly can to help you. This starts with the Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud Introductory Information Pack.


When we got started in the Alpaca industry we found it very difficult to find information on all the basic things that most experienced breeders take for granted. We have recorded and collected everything relating to Alpacas in New Zealand and all over the world.

We have talked to the major breeders in New Zealand and in Australia and asked them all the same questions. The answers were often the same but not always. Through this process we averaged out all the information and started to get a comprehensive picture of what is required to look after these animals correctly.

We continue to attend every conference we can possibly go to and continue to build our knowledge-base through a variety of sources..

With all this information we put together what we call the Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud Introductory Information Pack. It is a whole lot of paper with a whole lot of information to help out anybody who is new to the
Alpaca industry that purchases any animals from us.

This information will be invaluable in helping you understand the following:

1. Taking care of your Animals

2. The health care requirements of your animals

3. Some tips on mating your animals

4. Looking after the Pregnant Females, giving birth and weaning the Cria

5. Information on Shearing your Alpacas

6. Points to look for when buying animals

7. Pregnancy Testing

8. Record Keeping and why this is important

9. Where to get more Information from and lots more

Unlimited Help
As well as our Introductory Information Pack we are always available to answer any questions you might have about animals that you purchase from us. You will probably find, if you have not already, that most people involved in this Industry are only too willing to share information on Alpacas.

I heard a saying the other day and I thought this was excellent in summing up our approach. It went something like this:

"We did not invent Service but we work really hard to perfect it"

At A Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud we really do try and live up to this statement. Whatever your requirements, you are always welcome to contact us.