Stud Male History

Below is a list of our Retired Stud Males and their History .............

 This section is a list of the Stud Males we have owned and used over the last 20 years. All of these Stud Boys have had an impact on our herd.

Banksia Park Samuri ET 
Banksia Park Samuri ET is now our Proven Stud Male and is now the backbone of our Herd .............

Wyona Sunset Strip
Introducing Wyona Sunset Strip our newest Stud Male from Australia

Banksia Park HBN Magnate ET
Banksia Park Magnate is our Solid White, Super Fine and Super Soft Stud Male.

Banksia Park Hot Gossip (Hotty)
Banksia Park Hot Gossip is our Lucky Male

Banksia Park Accoyo In Tune ET
'Banksia Park Accoyo In Tune ET' is our full Accoyo Peruvian Male.

Thief of Hearts Shakespeare
Thief of Hearts Shakespeare is what we believe, will be an outstanding Herd Sire of the Future.

Banksia Park Tupona
Banksia Park Tupona has a very interesting story of how he became part of our Stable of Stud Males

Aotearoa Mana 
Aotearoa Mana is a young Male that we decided we just had to purchase a half share in, from Chontelle because we was just too good to let anyone else have him.

Thief of Hearts Neptune
Thief of Hearts Neptune is turning out to be everything we hoped he would be. He is heading towards becoming the Great Improver.

Blackgate Lodge Suntory
Blackgate Lodge Suntory was always going to belong to us, even though he was born in Australia and we didn’t know he existed until he was 6 months old

Somerset Silken Might (Mighty) - (Homozygous Suri)
Somerset Silken Might is a Homozygous Suri Male that has unlimited Potential to add traits to your Suri herd, that every Suri Breeder needs and nobody knows about him and what he is capable of producing ....................

Hadstock N.Z. Robbie (Homozygous Suri)
Hadstock NZ Robbie is our Medium Fawn Suri Stud Male and is a main member in my Stable of Stud Males......

Hadstock NZ Governor
Governor has now proven himself and deserves to be included in our stable of quality males. From the very first second I laid my eyes on him I was impressed and excited.

Mitchell Park Gladiator
Mitchell Park Gladiator was Imported from Australia in November 2001. He was exactly what we were looking for, Big, Strong, Upright Male with a Beautiful Soft Crimpy Fleece ............

Hadstock N.Z. Classique
Hadstock NZ Classique is truly a great Stud Male and well deserves his place in our Stable of Stud Males.