Banksia Park Hot Gossip (Hotty)

Banksia Park Hot Gossip is our Lucky Male.

Why is “Hotty” our Lucky Male?  Well we were extremely lucky to get him and he just gets better and better the older he gets.

We came across Hotty on the same Auzy Trip that we bought Magnate.  Hotty was born 13/07/2006 and was 9 months older than Magnate who had just been born.

We really liked Hotty as soon as we saw him, and we said to Jenny Jackson that we would love to have him, but could just not afford to buy another male, when we had just bought Magnate (and some girls) - and Jenny being the amazing person she is, said you can have him and threw him in with the package we had just bought.

How Lucky can you get?

Hot Gossip 9 Months 
The picture above is Hot Gossip at 9 months old and on his second fleece.

The most Interesting thing about Hotty is that his fleece is actually getting better every time he is shorn. He is just about to turn 4 years old and his fleece is just amazing.

Hotty has turned out a far better Stud Male than any of us ever expected – We knew he was good, but just thought he would be a handy Male to have for certain girls – well just how wrong can you be?

The very first time he got to service his first female – he was just a machine and I remember thinking, he is just too good to be true and that his Cria would probably turn out just ordinary.Again how wrong I was. His Cria are just stunning and all have this beautiful amazing handle with a highly aligned crimpy fleece.

Again how Lucky can you get?

And - Hotty throws Colour, he has left Black Cria from a couple of black females and he has now produced an amazing steel grey from a roan grey female – This Steel Grey Cria belongs to one of our clients, but we have already made them an offer to  buy him because he is just special and we will be able to use him in 2 years time to service Sunset Strips Daughters.

The better quality the female, the better quality the Cria “Hotty” is producing from them. We are looking forward to showing some of these cria later on in the show season.

Hot Gossip Supreme 2008 
The Picture above is Hotty after winning Supreme at the Auckland Easter Show in 2008

From the first time we showed Hotty, the Judges all love him, he has presence and struts around the ring like he owns it.
Hot Gossip is only a small male that punches way beyond his weight, he is exceptionally fine with a beautiful soft handling, crimpy medium fawn fleece. His fleece is carried way down to the extremities.

Hot Gossip has won 3 Supreme Championships now and a large number of Championships. He often wins the best coloured fawn as well.

Hotty’s Best win was at the National Show in 2008 where in his class there were five males, all five animals had won a Supreme Championship either as an animal or as a fleece.  There was a lot of talk as to who would win this class and the odds on favorite to win was an animal whose fleece had just won ‘The best fleece in the world” at the world Expo in Australia.Well Hotty took out that class and has gone on to be the only animal to have even beaten the animal that won the “Best fleece in the world” Below are his fleece stats for his 4th fleece where Hotty was just under 4 years of age. Shorn January 2010:

Micron     CV          SD         CF        Curv      Bulk
21.49     16.95      3.64       98.15    52.75    23.02 

Hot Gossip 2010 
The above picture is of Hotty as at 2010 and you can see he is still looking great.

There is a saying about being Lucky and several people have also said how lucky we have been with selecting our Stud Males, but all we can say is this:  "Its not Luck that allows us to see the potential in the animals we have bought, especially when we have bought so many when they were very young.  It is the talent we have to recognize these traits at a very early age”

Hot Gossip's Pedigree:

  PURRUMBETE HIGHLANDER Foundation Animal (Imp. Chile) Solid White
    PURRUMBETE LEDGERS DREAM Foundation Animal (Imp. Chile) Solid White
    PURRUMBETE ANGEL FACE Foundation Animal (Imp. Chile) Solid White
Animal: BANKSIA PARK HOT GOSSIP (NZ) Solid Light Fawn
  BANKSIA PARK PERUVIAN VOYAGER Unreg. Imported (Imp. Peru) (NZ) Solid Medium Fawn
    CEDAR HOUSE PERU ACCOYO JACOMO Unreg. Imported (Imp. Peru) Solid White
    BANKSIA PARK PERUVIAN KIKASA Unreg. Imported (Imp. Peru) Solid Light Fawn

For those of you who take notice of pedigrees - You will see that Hotty’s Grandmother (Banksia Park Peruvian Destiny) is also Samuri’s Mother and this is one of the big reasons why Hotty has turned out so well.

Hot gossip now has several Cria on the ground and we now know what he will produce when put to different females. The better the quality female, the better quality the Cria is.

We now know Hotty will improve any female he covers and will produce show quality stock that will look fantastic.  What we are also finding is that like their dad, these cria are getting better with age.

Hot Gossip is a top animal producing top quality Cria and at this price for a Stud Service – well can you afford not to use him over your females?

Below are three of Hot Gossips latest Cria ...............

Hot Gossip's Cria