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25 Things you can do with an Alpaca

10 October 2019
The first question we often get asked by people is "What can you do with an Alpaca?". Besides the pleasure of ownership and being around such beautiful animals, there are lots of things both active and passive you can share with your Alpaca. » Read full article

Alpaca Facts

10 October 2019
Alpaca Facts » Read full article

What to look for

10 October 2019
When the time is right and you start looking for Alpacas to purchase, there are a couple of things to look for that will help you to decide which animals to buy. » Read full article

Alpaca Fibre

10 October 2019
The primary function of the Alpaca is Fibre Production. These amazing animals produce one of the most luxurious and valuable fibres that exists today. » Read full article

Halter Training

10 October 2019
All of our Alpacas are Halter Trained once they are weaned. This is really the fun part of keeping Alpacas. » Read full article

Alpacas as Investments

10 October 2019
Alpacas are perhaps the worlds finest Livestock Investment In the world of Alpaca Breeding it is the strong return on investment that is the ultimate justification for becoming an Alpaca owner and breeder » Read full article

Frequently Asked Questions

10 October 2019
Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions » Read full article

The use of Feeding NRM Coolade to our Alpacas

18 April 2006
For those of you who know I have been feeding my Alpacas (mostly the skinny ones) Coolade made by NRM for several years now. You will also have noticed that the Packaging changed a couple of months ago. » Read full article

Shearing Alpacas

23 March 2006
There are many different methods used to shear Alpacas and we have now seen and used a variety of methods and equipment used to carry out this task. » Read full article

Profitable Pets

20 August 2005
Alpaca's can be very Profitable Pets. As we are in the Pet Industry, and have been for over 10 years, we have a fairly good idea of what people are looking for as far as pets go. » Read full article

Blood collection and intravenous injections in Alpaca

01 October 2003
Alpaca veins, especially those of the neck, are difficult to access compared to moat other livestock species. You cannot feel the vein when raised because of a thick muscle layer over the jugular vein that is not present in most other species. There are two spots on the alpaca neck that one can obtain blood or inject intravenously, the high site and the low site. » Read full article

Immunoglobulins, Plasma and Cria – The Facts

01 October 2003
Why do cria need colostrum? Why is it so important for cria to get colostrum in the first few hours of life? How do I ensure that my “at-risk” cria gets the antibodies it needs? Where to I get plasma and how do I give it to my cria? » Read full article

Collection of Alpaca Blood for Plasma Extraction

01 October 2003
Donor Selection, Collection, Transporting Blood for Spinning, Storing Plasma » Read full article

Intraperitoneal Infusion of Alpaca Plasma

01 October 2003
Procedure for veterinary administration of plasma to alpaca cria. » Read full article

Facial Eczema and Alpacas

01 October 2003
Facial eczema is one of the most important and potentially dangerous diseases posing a threat to the alpaca industry in the North Island of New Zealand during the Summer and Autumn months. Alpaca are on of the most sensitive animal species to Facial Eczema, more sensitive than sheep, cattle, deer and goats. » Read full article

Winter Maintenance Tips

02 July 2003
By now you should have given all your animals their Winter Inoculations of 5 in 1 . AD&E and Dectomax for worms. » Read full article

Alpaca Plasma

02 July 2003
After having an extremely bad season with Alpacas having birthing problems which resulted in the loss of several Cria I thought I would let you know how we plan to avoid these losses next season. » Read full article

Spring Maintenance Tips

01 September 2002
Maintenance tips for your Alpacas as we come into spring. » Read full article

Winter Maintenance Tips

16 July 2002
There is not a lot of Winter Maintenance to be done, this is more of a reflection time where you plan who you want each female to be mated to in the coming season. » Read full article

Autumn Maintenance Tips

08 March 2002
Summer has just finished and we are now into Autumn; there is still a month to worry about facial Excema and I am still feeding out lots of Meadow Hay, Lucerne Hay and pellets with zinc in them. » Read full article

Spring Maintenance Tips

15 October 2001
Spring is now here and it is time to start thinking about the Annual Shearing of your animals. » Read full article