The use of Feeding NRM Coolade to our Alpacas

For those of you who know I have been feeding my Alpacas (mostly the skinny ones) Coolade made by NRM for several years now.  You will also have noticed that the Packaging changed a couple of months ago. There is some concern with some Breeders about the “New Notice” printed on the bag.

The old bags had the Notice     
“ Suitable for inclusion in Feed intended for Ruminant Animals”

The New bags have the Notice 
“ Not to be Fed to Sheep, Cattle, Deer, Alpacas, Goats, or other Ruminant Animals”

Confused ? , Well I asked Peter, from Awapuni Vets to phone NRM (Free Phone 0800 800 380) and ask them what is the story. Basically it is the same product, and NRM have found out that a lot of people are now feeding Coolade to a large range of different animals when it is supposed to be a Feed for Horses.

NRM are just basically covering their Legal Avenues incase someone feeds too much Coolade to an animal and they die, just the way the world is going, all too PC for me.
As you all know if you ever feed too much of any new food, to any animal, whether it be a puppy or an Alpaca, you will upset the stomach of what ever animal you do this too. Coolade is no different, use it slowly to start with and build up to the amount you want to feed. Peter says it is safe to feed to our Alpacas. If however you do feed too much you run the risk of giving your animals “Acidosis”, common sense is the way to go when you introduce any new food to your stock.

I mix Coolade in the Ratio of: 2 Bags of Coolade to one Sack of Lucerne Chaff and have never had any problems.