There are many different methods used to shear Alpacas and we have now seen and used a variety of methods and equipment used to carry out this task.Click for Large View

Once we saw the Alpaca Shearing Table used for the first time we knew this was the only way to shear Alpacas. Russell Gent of Totara Grove Alpacas invented this Table along with the shearing method that goes hand in hand with it.

We use the Table for a lot more things than just shearing, these include Pregnancy Scans, Castrations, Toe nail clipping and even giving Inoculations. The Table totally restrains the animal while you carry out any task you are doing.

We run a couple of Shearing Clinics annually on our Alpaca farm usually in December and January when it suits our area best for shearing. If you would like to take part in one of these Clinics just contact us.

I have now been shearing our own herd of around 500 animals (and a lot of other peoples) Alpacas for over 20 years now, and I must admit I am starting to get the hang of it.

We believe it is very important that every Alpaca on my Farm looks its very best and this is why I take a little extra time on every animal to ensure they look as good as they possibly can.

The most interesting thing I have learned from shearing Alpacas is that you get to see every inch of the fleece on every animal. This gives you a totally new perspective on the quality of each animal. As you run the Hand Piece over the animal, you soon learn which animals have the best fleece.

Shearing on a table means there is no bending or picking Fleece up off of the floor. You just slide it into boxes or baskets under the table. This stops contamination of fleeces and picking up dirt and rubbish from the floor.

Below are a couple of Pictures Showing us Shearing "Gladiator". You will see a before and after picture of Gladiator as he goes from dressed to undressed. You can also see how much beautiful fleece he produced each year.

1. Gladiator before shearing

2. Half-way

3. Beautiful fleece.

4. All done