Alpaca's can be very Profitable Pets.

As we are in the Pet Industry, and have been for over 10 years, we have a fairly good idea of what people are looking for as far as pets go/ The potential of Alpacas as the definitive pet is another reason to consider alpacas as an investment

Here's Why
If we assume that this coming season there will be around 1000 Crias born in New Zealand, and using the law of average there will be about 500 males and 500 females. The girls of course will all be kept as future breeding stock but what as an industry do we do with the 500 boys when say only 10% of these will only be good enough to be kept as stud stock?

We could keep these in their own herd as castrated males or, wethers if you like, and shear them every year for their fibre . This is the ultimate end use for our industry and the day will come when this is exactly what will happen. 

We believe that in the interim we have a better option, and that is to turn these animals into pets. We believe that many people who purchase a couple of Alpacas purely as pets will end up falling in love with these magical creatures and they will start thinking about getting rid of their small flocks of non profitable sheep and think about breeding a few Alpacas instead. 

What to Look For
When we talk about Alpacas as pets we don't mean an animal that just stands around in a paddock eating grass or that you can feed nuts to from out of a bucket. What we mean is an Alpaca that is really friendly, and that comes running up to be patted and receive some affection.

A pet Alpaca is one that will halter and lead like a well trained puppy and an Alpaca that will let complete strangers come up to them and pat them.

These are the animals that will jump into a station wagon or van and enjoy going to pet days at school with the kids. These are the same animals that their owners will treat with great care and will become part of the family and their owners will want to take them to A&P shows and walk around a show ring and try to win a red ribbon.

If you consider getting into the Alpaca Industry and breeding some animals you will get roughly 50% of both male and female cria. The girls you can keep but most of the boys will be wethered and sold as pets. If you spend the time on these Pet Males you will receive a good price for these animals.

The multi-coloured Alpacas (Fancies) make excellent pets. The variety and different 
combinations of colours are amazing. The different colour patterns make for really nice 
looking Fancy Alpacas.

Check our range of Alpacas For Sale, or Visit Our Farm to experience for youself their potential as pets.