Hadstock N.Z. Galaxy (Homozygous Suri)

We believe that Hadstock N.Z. Galaxy could possibly be the best Suri Stud Male in the Country. His Show record is second to none and he has only ever been beaten once. He has been shown well on into his life and as recent as 2009.

Galaxy won 4 Supremes in a row and always wins Champion when ever he is shown. The problem is that very few people put their Stud males up against him.

Galaxy was born 31/12/2003 which is New Years Eve and the funny thing is that is also Russell Nelsons Birthday (I won’t tell you which one) We never forget his birthday.

Galaxy is a Homozygous Suri Stud Male

Galaxy as a Cria

We purchased Hadstock N.Z. Galaxy when he was just a month old from Russell and Carolyn Nelson, of Homestead Farm and right from the very beginning, Galaxy looked like a winner; he was covered in a thick greasy fleece which had the most amazing luster. His sire is Prince of Stars and his Dam is one of Homestead Farms Top Breeding Females (Hadstock N.Z. Silken Light)


As you can see, Galaxy has it all in one package, a truly magnificent Stud Male, with Lock Structure to die for, and you can also see in this picture, how much Fleece this boy has pumped out at just under 2 years of age. You will have to travel a long way to see as perfect an example of a Suri anywhere.

Galaxy Supreme and Fleece after Shearing

Galaxy has now been shorn several times since wearing his supreme fleece and again this year (2010) he has penciled up within 3 months of shearing and has a bright lustrous fleece. 

Those of you who breed Suri Alpacas will know and will have seen many Stud Males who’s fleece does not return after shearing. Galaxy Is in an elite group of animals that is still producing a top quality fleece.

Galaxy's Pedigree


 | ILR PPERUVIAN AMADOR G4582 (Imp. United States) Solid White


||| PERUVIAN SENATOR G153 (Imp. United States) Solid White

||_____ CEDAR HOUSE SILKEN QUEEN Solid Light Fawn

| |_____ PERUVIAN SUMMER HAZE W900 (Imp. United States) Solid Light Fawn


| | PERUVIAN SENATOR G153 (Imp. United States) Solid White


|||_____ PERUVIAN SPICE (Imp. United States) Solid White

|_____ Dam : HADSTOCK N.Z. SILKEN LIGHT Solid White


 |_____ SOMERSET PERU SILK 'N' LACE Unreg. Imp (Imp. Peru) Solid White


Galaxy’s Breeding Index

Galaxy has now produces many cria and every cria is an improvement on their mothers. The problem is that he is about the most Pre-Potent Male we have ever used as 90% of his cria are just like him – He basically replicates himself in that nearly all his cria are solid white, build like him and produce an amazing amount of fleece.

In our own Breeding programme, we would like our Suri Herd to be a bit bigger than Galaxy and this is why we now put him over all of Silken Might’s female Cria as this way we are getting Mighty’s size and Galaxy’s fleece.

We will post pictures of Galaxy's offspring here soon.

Galaxy’s Stud Fee is $1,000 + GST

As Galaxy produces such good quality Cria, he does not come with a free service if he throws a Male Cria. He does come with a live Cria guarantee and if he ever throws a cria that is of a lower quality than its Dam, we will replace the service, no matter what the sex of the Cria is.

Galaxy Running