Colourful, Gentle Animals

When the time is right and you start looking for Alpacas to purchase, there are a couple of things to look for that will help you to decide which animals to buy.

1. Alpacas should be quiet, Gentle and Inquisitive animals.

2. They should come running when called by the owner.

3. They should come right up to you and eat out of your hands.

4. You should visit as many Alpaca Breeders as possible. This will give you an insight on how Alpacas should behave as you approach them.

At Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud you will see all our Animals exhibit all the traits you should be looking for in a good Alpaca. 
Visit our Farm first or last, you will see for yourself how quiet and friendly our animals are and Alpacas can be!


Colour, Fawns and more Fawns...

At Our Place we want to see our paddocks full of colourful animals. There are 22 natural colours that Alpacas come in and we want to have them all. This gives you plenty of choice to choose from. The wonderful colours these animals are capable of producing still amazes us.

As the years have gone by our herd is sowly becoming lighter in colour, with a large number now being in the fawn classes. Most of my Stud Males are Fawn in colour and so we are getting a large number of fawn Cria now.

After 20 years now (2019) of breeding we know what all of my Stud Males will produce when put to different coloured Dams and so when you bring your Females to my Studs for mating, we can give you a very good idea of what colour the Cria will turn out.

Along with trying to produce consistant colour in our Breeding Programme, it is very important that we continue to increase the quality of the fleece along with the quality of the animals its'self.

Pictured here is Thief of Hearts Cindy ....... Best Fawn at the 2005 National Show. 
Cindy went through the show season undeafeated in her Class as Junior Female in the Fawn Classes.

Like the famous saying; "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get". Breeding Alpacas is a lot like this and it is very exciting but it is very rewarding when you get exactly what you expect as well.