Vaginal Prolapses in Full Term Alpacas - A Case Study

11 August 2008
With having over 150 Alpaca births a year, we get too see some strange and interesting cases in some of our females. We have had a couple of minor cases of Vaginal Prolapses, but when Rosebud had a full Vaginal Prolapse, we were a little concerned about the possible outcome and how she was going to deliver her cria. » Read full article

Tape Worms in Alpacas

22 January 2008
The reason we chose this topic this month is we had a group of 6 Female Alpacas, all have had Cria and they have all done them very very well. The Cria have dragged the weight from their mums (as they can) » Read full article

Alpaca Castration

22 December 2006
We believe that 99% of all young Male Alpaca should be castrated as we should only be keeping the very best young males as Potential Stud Sires. Following is an article written by Peter Aitken BVSc on Castrating Procedures for Alpacas. » Read full article

Worming Alpacas on our Farm

21 July 2004
As our herd has increased so have some of the problems associated with this growth. One of the bigger problems has been the Worm or Parasite Burden in our herd. » Read full article

Blood collection and intravenous injections in Alpaca

01 October 2003
Alpaca veins, especially those of the neck, are difficult to access compared to moat other livestock species. You cannot feel the vein when raised because of a thick muscle layer over the jugular vein that is not present in most other species. There are two spots on the alpaca neck that one can obtain blood or inject intravenously, the high site and the low site. » Read full article

Immunoglobulins, Plasma and Cria – The Facts

01 October 2003
Why do cria need colostrum? Why is it so important for cria to get colostrum in the first few hours of life? How do I ensure that my “at-risk” cria gets the antibodies it needs? Where to I get plasma and how do I give it to my cria? » Read full article

Collection of Alpaca Blood for Plasma Extraction

01 October 2003
Donor Selection, Collection, Transporting Blood for Spinning, Storing Plasma » Read full article

Intraperitoneal Infusion of Alpaca Plasma

01 October 2003
Procedure for veterinary administration of plasma to alpaca cria. » Read full article

Facial Eczema and Alpacas

01 October 2003
Facial eczema is one of the most important and potentially dangerous diseases posing a threat to the alpaca industry in the North Island of New Zealand during the Summer and Autumn months. Alpaca are on of the most sensitive animal species to Facial Eczema, more sensitive than sheep, cattle, deer and goats. » Read full article

Facial Excema

08 March 2002
We personally believe that Facial Excema is the single biggest problem that could affect Alpacas and Llamas in New Zealand. I would like to pass on some information that you may find interesting. » Read full article