Winter Maintenance Tips

By now you should have given all your animals their Winter Inoculations of 5 in 1 . AD&E and Dectomax for worms. I found this season after the drought we had this summer that many of the animals droppings were no longer hard little pellets but rather a lump of firm poo. After completing all the Inoculations (with some help from some friends) the animal's droppings again reverted back to the pelleted form.

Don't be afraid to worm your animals more often than every six months if their droppings are not hard little pellets, it won't hurt them to be done more often if they need it. Remember worms can kill Alpacas and I have heard of cases where this has happened. If in doubt as to your worm burden then get your vet to do a worm count on a sample of the droppings.