Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring is now here and it is time to start thinking about the Annual Shearing of your animals.

Here are a couple of points that you need to be thinking about this time of year.

1. If you are still feeding out hay or Lucerne hay it is time to stop doing this so that your animals have time to clean them selves up before you start shearing.

2. Check out your paddocks to make sure that when your animals are rolling in their favourite dust spot that there is no hay matter or any other foreign matter that will get into their fleeces.

3. Don’t let your Grass go to seed as this is the single biggest way to contaminate your fleece. I personally top my paddocks this time of year so that the grass can not go to seed.

4. Pick up any branches, grub any thistles or things that will get into your Pacas Fleece from your paddocks.

If you do these simple steps and with a little spring wind and rain your Pacas fleeces should look really good as we go into the early summer months