Somerset Silken Might (Mighty) - (Homozygous Suri)

We Purchased this outstanding Suri Stud Male at Russell & Carolyn Nelsons Alpaca Auction in October 2005.

Silken Might was born 19/06/1998 and is a Homozygous Suri male.  We had previously leased Silken Might from Russell Nelson in 2004 and after seeing his progeny, we knew how good this male was.

When we found out Silken Might was included in the auction animals, we knew I had to purchase him. This male was Russell's back up Stud Male in case anything ever happened to his main Stud Male and as such he was never used over many females at all.

After seeing what he left on the ground, we knew the potential of this male and how good this boy could be when given some more work.

Somerset Silken Might as a two year old

Silken Might has different genetics to our other two Suri Males and so having him in our stable of Stud Males is a real asset.  He possesses all the attributes we are looking for in a Suri Alpaca.  As you can see by his Picture Silken Might is truly a magnificent animal. His Cria are big and strong and at the field day with Jim Watts in 2006, his latest Cria stood out as being of outstanding quality. One of his F1 female cria has the best suri pencils we have ever seen on the neck fleece of a Suri animal.

Silken Might (Mighty) leaves the full colour range in his Cria and this colour is usually directly related to the colour of the Dam. As an added bonus a large number of his Cria are Female.

As you can see by his Pedigree below his Parents were both imported directly from Peru. 

Silken Might's Pedigree:

 |¯¯¯¯¯ Peruvian Sire

|¯¯¯¯¯ Sire: SOMERSET PERU IVORY ADSAIL Unreg (Imp. PERU) Sld White

||_____ Peruvian Dam


||¯¯¯¯¯ Peruvian Sire

|_____ Dam : SOMERSET PERU SILK 'N' LACE Unreg (Imp. PERU) Sld White

 |_____ Peruvian Dam

Update: April 2010

We have now used Mighty over a range of different females since buying him in 2005 and he constantly improves the quality of every female he is placed over. 

We are using Mighty as our first up Stud Male due to the Bone Structure and presence he gives to all of his Cria. His Cria are big and strong and grow out well and complete with a very greasy fleece with a high lock definition. The good news is that after all our years of getting male suri cria, mighty this year has given us 10 females that can all go to Galaxy next season. We can’t wait to see our breeding programme finally moving forward.

Mighty's Cria 
Above is a picture of some of the Cria Mighty is producing. 
One of these is a BC1 as well – Can you tell which one ?