Hadstock N.Z. Robbie (Homozygous Suri)

Hadstock N.Z. Robbie is our Medium Fawn Suri Male and we are very happy to have him in our Stable of Stud Males.
We purchased Robbie from Russell and Carolyn Nelson of Homestead Farm in Ashburton. 

Robbie is a beautiful Medium Fawn Suri male with an extremely Dense Fleece. We initially purchased Robbie to put over some of our Huacaya females to produce F1 Cria. 

Robbie is of course Homozygous and has now produces a large number of Cria, most of which are coloured and many are the colour of the Dam.

He was actually named by a reporter who when visiting Homestead Farm, when doing an article, saw him being born and thought he looked like Robbie Williams.
Below Robbie’s Pedigree and you can see he has been very well bred. His Dam “Silken Barbara” is still considered by Russell and Carolyn as their best Female. His sire (Raphael) in now Passed away.
He has several Cria on the ground now from white to dark brown. All of his Cria to date have huge amounts of fleece which is soft and luxurious. Many of Robbie’s Cria are medium fawn in colour, so not only is he passing on his good looks, but also his beautiful colour. Robbie’s Cria are every thing we expected, they have wonderful natures like their sire, which is unusual for a lot of Suri’s, and all of them are producing lots of silky, lustrous fleece.

Robbie's Picture has been in several Magazines and publications; this is due to him having the presence of a champion and his beautiful silky looking Fleece. Robbie has himself done well in the Show Ring, winning Champion Male at three different shows. He is pictured here as an intermediate at the Auckland Easter Show.

Robbie has a full brother “Hadstock N.Z. Imperial” who took Supreme when he was 2 years old at our National Show. I keep telling Russell, I own the original and he has the clone, both excellent Males.


Robbie and his Mother Somerset Silken Barbra

Robbie's Pedigree:

 |¯¯¯¯¯ Peruvian Senator G153 (Imp. Usa) Solid White

|¯¯¯¯¯ Sire: Cedar House Raphael Solid White

||_____ Peruvian Spice (Imp. Usa) Solid White

Hadstock N.Z. Robbie Solid Medium Fawn

| |¯¯¯¯¯ Peruvian Senator G153 (Imp. Usa) Solid White

||¯¯¯¯¯ Cedar House Desert Prince Solid Dark Fawn

|||_____ Veryland Pandora Foundation Dark Fawn

|_____ Dam : Somerset Silken Barbara Solid Light Fawn

 ||¯¯¯¯¯ Peruvian Sire

 |_____ Somerset Peru Silk 'N' Lace Unregistered Import (Imp. Peru) Solid White

  |_____ Peruvian Dam

Robbie's Sire: Cedar House Raphael.

Robbie's Dam: Somerset Silken Barbara