Banksia Park Tupona

Banksia Park Tupona has a very interesting story of how he became part of our Stable of Stud Males.

Tupona 4 years old 
  This Picture is of Tupona in 2009 when he was four years old.

We first saw Tupona when he was just 8 months old at Banksia Park Alpacas in WA Australia.
Jenny Jackson said she would not let us have Samuri until we came over for a visit and look at him first. Of course while we were there we looked at every Alpaca that we could get our hands on – Like kids in a lolly factory really.

Tupona was in with a bunch of young Males and he just stood out because of his size and bone structure.
Jenny said, if you wanted to take a punt on a male then this boy could be worth that punt. His Dam was still 19 micron at 16 years of age and she said this boy should never blow out.

We decided not to take him that trip as we thought Samuri was all we needed.

We were back the next year having a wee break and looking at another Male (to go over Samuri daughters) and we see Tupona in a mob of intermediate Males. So you can guess what happened next ............. he cam to NZ to join our Stud Males.

Tupona 18 Months old 
This is Tupona when he was about 18 months old and still in Australia

It’s a funny thing about Stud Males in that until you get some Cria from them you never really know how they will breed.
Tupona has not disappointed us in any way. We use him to put bone and structure into females that really need this. 
There are a lot of older Chilean Females still out there that would benefit hugely by being mated to Tupona.

He has not been over a lot of females, but the Cria he has produced have exceeded our expectations. They have all had amazing bone and structure, even the girls that were half his size. They have also had a beautifully aligned high frequency crimp. Some have done very well in the Show Ring, which is amazing since the girls he has covered are all very basic animals.

Tupona and Chilean Female Legs 
This picture is of Tupona’s Front legs                              This Picture is the front legs of an old female

The two pictures are what Tupona does to the bone and structure of every female he is mated to. If you have Females that have thin legs and a small stature, then by mating these girls to Tupona he will give you amazing results.

This is what we bought this boy for – To improve the Bone and structure of Chilean Animals and still produce a beautiful soft fleece.

Tupona’s Pedigree is below:





PURRUMBETE LEDGERS DREAM Foundation Animal (Imp. Chile) Solid White






SURICAYA IVORY KING Foundation Animal (Imp. Chile) Solid White




SURICAYA FAWN MIST Foundation Animal Light Fawn

Animal: BANKSIA PARK TUPONA (NZ) Solid White




Dam: HENRY ROSE PERU LASS Unreg. Imported (Imp. Peru) Light Fawn




You will notice that he is a Grandson of the famous Ledgers Dream (this is where his structure comes from) and his Dam was imported from Peru.We think he was worth the Punt.


We are using Tupona to put Bone into the animals that need this as their first stage. It is so important to have animals that will Breed and last for 20 years, and if they don’t have a good frame to hang their fleece on, it will never happen.Breeding good animals all starts with a good frame, this is the most important stage in any Breeding programme, it all starts here.