Show Results for 2007

We only Showed animals at three Shows this year:
1. Hawkes Bay A&P Show 19th October 2007
2. Manawatu A&P Show 2nd November 2007
3. The National Alpaca Show 10th & 11th November 2007

The Hawkes Bay Show:

This Show was a Colour Show in that instead of having Junior, Intermediate and Senior Champions they had Colour Champions, White, Fawn, Brown, Grey and Black.

Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud, does not personally agree with Colour Shows because if you as a Breeder, specialise in a particular colour like White or Fawn for example, then all of your animals are competing for the one White or Fawn Championship.
You have different age groups, Junior, Intermediate and Senior animals all competing for the same Colour Championship ribbon. We don’t believe this is a level playing field as how do you compare a 6 month old Cria in his first fleece, with a 4 year old Stud Male, or older in the same line up.
As a Breeder you may have the best Junior, Intermediate and Senior animals at the show but only one can win the Champion Ribbon. So in effect your best animal can take out most of your Show Team in one Championship Class.

Because of this Show being a Colour Show we only took a small Show Team to Hawkes Bay. We left what we thought to be our best White and Fawn animals at home and saved them for the Manawatu & National Shows

  • We took 9 animals to the Show and picked up
  • 3 First Place Ribbons
  • 2 Second Place Ribbons
  • 1 Third Place Ribbon
  • 4 Reserve Championship Ribbons

The Manawatu A&P Show:

As I am the Convenor of this Show, it went very well, (I have to say this). It was the first time we held the show in the new Manfield Park complex. The new Stadium was great and the Alpaca Section really made a great spectacle with over 200 Alpacas entered.

There were 19 Junior Suri Females White / Light Fawn in the first class, which shows you how tough the competition was.

Because this Show was just a week before the National Show we had a few Breeders from the South Island come up and enter their animals as well. It was a sort of Mini National Show as it turned out. The competition was very fierce and as the Show was a Royal Event, there were 4 medals up for grabs as well.

The Judge was Lyn Dickson from Australia, who is very well respected and this is why several South Island Breeders entered our Show as they value Lyn’s opinion.

We had our Full Show Team entered, as this is our Local Show and it is just half an hour from home.

  • We took our whole Show Team and picked up
  • 10 First Place Ribbons
  • 6 Second Place Ribbons
  • 3 Third Place Ribbons
  • 2 Forth Place Ribbons
  • 2 Fifth Place Ribbons
  • 2 Sixth Place Ribbons
  • 3 Championship Ribbons
  • 6 Reserve Championship Ribbons
  • Best Coloured Fawn / Brown / Fancy
  • 1 RAS Gold Medal for Champion Huacaya Fleece

So we did Ok all and all at our Local Show.

National Show 2007

To win anything at the National Show this year would be a very big ask. There were over 450 animals entered and they came from all over New Zealand.

The venue was Mystery Creek in Hamilton and the event was run by the Northern Region and spearheaded by Chris Leach and his team of amazing people. The Expo was just fantastic and this event really put our Industry out in front of the public. We were very happy to be part of this event.

  • We took most of our Show team to the National with no expectations at all of how we would do this year. We managed to pick up
  • 3 First Place Ribbons
  • 1 Second place Ribbon
  • 2 Third Place Ribbons
  • 4 Fourth Place Ribbons
  • 1 Fifth Place Ribbon
  • Champion Brown Huacaya with “Thief of Hearts Cameo”
  • Champion Junior Female Huacaya with ‘Thief of Hearts Cameo”
  • Champion Senior Male Suri with ‘Hadstock NZ Galaxy”

It was great to see Galaxy with a Championship Ribbon, as he is now 4 years old and still looks fantastic.
It was a great win to get a first Place in the Junior Fawn Female Class with ‘Thief of Hearts Imogen” as she has taken me 3 generations and 6 years to breed.
But it was just fantastic to again for the second year in a row to win the Junior Female Champion award with ‘Thief of Hearts Cameo” and even more amazing is that she is a Brown animal.

So all in all we did Ok at the National Show

Below is a Picture of “Thief of Hearts Cameo” - National Junior Female Champion.