Shows & Showing Alpacas

Showing and promoting Alpacas is an important part of our business, and the chance for many people to be exposed to Alpacas for the first time.

Most people who come across Alpacas are seeing them for the first time. In our experience, About 70% of all people have a preconceived idea that Alpacas bite, kick and spit at people. Shows and Promotions are the perfect place to inform a large number of people just how wrong their initial thinking might be.

At a show or promotion we get the chance to introduce Alpacas to a large number of people from all different walks of life. This is the first time most people become exposed to the wonderful world of Alpacas. We are able to open people's eyes to the possibility of having Alpacas as part of their lives on their lifestyle blocks or even just investing in Alpacas and have them on our farm.

You may have already seen us at some shows....

In every show we have done, our Alpacas have been one of the major attractions and with out exception if there has been a newspaper reporter at the show, they always put a picture of one of our 'Pacas into the newspaper. It is quite hard to get a good picture of our display because there is always a large number of people crowded around the pen. Alpacas really attract people and basically it is because they look so good.

Showing Alpacas

As our Alpaca industry develops, Alpaca shows will become more and more frequent in New Zealand. Our Alpaca Association is actively supporting more shows in all areas of New Zealand.

In 2002 we held our first show in Palmerston North which was the Royal show that year. There were 55 Alpaca Entries entered. That was the start of an annual show to be held every November in the Manawatu at our local A&P Show. As the Christchurch A&P show is the week following the Palmerston North A&P Show we are able to share expences each year and import a top international judge to judge these two shows. This gives us a huge advantage in being able to have our animals judged by an expert overseas judge.

Shows are an opportunity not only to see the "best" animals in the locality together in one place but should also be an opportunity for a bit of friendly rivalry and some fun. It is an excellent way for a Breeder to see how your own animals are progressing compared to other breeders. With out competition and the judging of our animals we could easily be heading in the wrong direction.

The pictures below are of two of our Alpacas, Gladiator and Robbie, after they were entered into their first shows.

1. Gladiator

2. Robbie