Two Boys - Two Shows - Two Supreme Championships

As our two newest Australian imports both arrived in the country with an inch of fleece over their bodies and even better, their heads and tails had not been shorn back to the skin, we decided to enter then into the Kumeu A&P Show on the 9th of March and then enter them in the Royal Auckland Easter Show on March 21st, just to see how they would go.

We had a plan of only taking a small trailer to Kumeu, leaving the animals up there after the show and then show them at the Auckland Easter 2 weeks later. As a result we only took 5 animals to the show.

The Plan fell to bits and we had to drive home between the shows and so we ended up driving to Auckland twice in the one month.

As it turned out, it was definitely worth driving all the way to Auckland as both the boys stood out from all the other entries at both shows. Both boys took out their Classes, and then took out the Championships in both Junior Male and Intermediate Male at both Shows.

Then the exciting part ………..
The judge did not know which one of our two boys to make Supreme Champion; all the others were asked to stand back while the judge took a long time to decide which boy was the best on the day.

At Kumeu Magnate took out the honors and at the Auckland Easter Hot Gossip took the honors. At both shows  the judge took a long time to decide who she should award the Supreme Championship to.

The good news for us is that these boys will fit into our breeding programme very nicely. 

The most gratifying point about Magnate taking out a Supreme Championship as a Junior is that it just shows that you can pick a very good animal when they are just a couple of days old, the very Special Animals are special from birth.

We purchased Magnate when he was just 3 days old, we had never seen a Cria with such potential at such an early age, but we did know he would be ideal for our Breeding programme. Magnate has the genetics that we were looking for to add to our herd once In Tunes Cria are ready to be bred.

It is certainly a bonus when you purchase a Stud Male at such an early age and he then goes on to win the Supreme Title as a Junior in his first time ever at a Show.

Picture 1 – Hot Gossip
Picture 2 – Magnate
Picture 3 – Magnate at 3 days of age when we purchased him